Have you ever walked into a business, saw the lines and walked out? Have you experienced decent service but left feeling underwhelmed because the person helping seemed impersonal? Breaking down the reason for why guest don’t return to your facility can be hard to determine. Here are some common issues we have found when looking over online reviews.

  1. Long lines

Long lines are often expected during holidays or if you have a promotion going on. Guest will forgive long lines if there is a reason and if they don’t experience long lines every time they visit your facility. If you always have long lines at your facility this will create a lasting impression on your guest. You will get poor online reviews and customers will stop visiting your facility due to the frustrating long lines. To resolve issues with long lines, you will want to determine where the bottle neck is. What is causing your long lines and what solutions are available? Do your guests need more purchasing options to gain access to your facility? Could a kiosk or online booking be an option for your facility?

  1. Not being acknowledged

There will always be a time when a guest must wait longer than is expected. You might be tied up with another guest or have a system issue. If you can take a moment and acknowledge the guest and let them know you will be with them in a moment, this makes a world of difference.

  1. Unfriendly employees

Have you ever experienced good service but because the person helping you was bland and not relatable, it made you not want to go back? You may have been serviced quickly and efficiently but because you didn’t connect with the employee, it ruined your experience. This is often the experience many guest have with front line employees. If the employee doesn’t want to be at work and that is visible to your guest, it could lead to your guest not returning. Try to make your facility a place where your employees enjoy being. Encourage your employees to smile and greet every guest. Good Rapport with your guests builds trust. 

  1. Unexpected charges

Mostly families are on a budget and when hidden charges pop up it can be a huge let down on a fun experience. If you do charge for lockers and parking, make sure these cost are openly displayed. It can help Mom and Dad out when they are planning to visit your facility.

  1. Lack of customer service

Smiling and being friendly are not the only skills your employees need. Your employees need to able to answer questions, handle problems, and know how to use their tools. Guest become frustrated when they are not able to find anyone to answer their questions. Make sure your employees have the training and the tools to make your guest experience a good one.  It’s ok if you don’t know the answer, if you know where to find it.

  1. Slow service

Slow service is affected by employee training. Guest are willing to forgive an employee in training but if they experience slow service every time they come to your facility, you will lose your guest. If you do not have documented policy, procedures, and training material you need to invest some of your time into this documentation. If you want your facility running in a certain way, you need to make that clear to your employees. Your employees need to know your expectations. When your expectations are clear, your employees perform better.


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