Your competitors can teach you a lot about point-of-sale and how to master it within your facility. We have laid out 6 point-of-sale tricks that your competitors may be mastering, don’t be left behind.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

The formula for a successful Family Entertainment Center (FEC) already exists. Look to the experts for help and recommendations for your FEC. There is nothing wrong with wanting to attempt “something new” but that “something new” can end up being costly if it’s not formulated and maintained correctly. IAAPA has a document library dedicated to everything amusement. Learn more about FEC operations by IAAPA here.

Make Party Booking Easy

Not only do you need to make your party booking easy for your guests but also for your employees. When your guest books online you can take a deposit, provide an itinerary and waivers. When you have an E-Commerce that is fully integrated with your point-of-sale, the booked party information is immediately uploaded into your point-of-sale system, saving you time and money. If you aren’t familiar with our solution, simply follow this link to find out more about party and event booking.

Offer a Reward Program

Reward programs offer incentives for guest’s spending at your facility. You can give rewards once they reach a set dollar amount or visit you so many times. Everyone loves perks!

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Collect Guest Data

Guest data is valuable to the livelihood of your facility. You can send out offers based on age, gender, and you guest’s taste. Personalizing your marketing makes it more appealing than sending out the same mass email or mailer. Collecting guest data is a piece of cake!

Online Reviews

First impressions matter. Often those first impressions are made online when people Google your facility to get more information. Most people won’t go out of their way to leave a review unless you WOWED them or upset them. How do you get an average happy customer to leave you a 5-star online review? You can offer incentives for reviews or use a digital marketing company that will work to get your guest’s feedback. More ways to get online reviews found here.

Employees Who Know Their Stuff

Providing thorough training and the proper tools for your employees is paramount when it comes to running a successful FEC. You need your employees to be knowledgeable and empowered to make decisions when the occasion arise because when problems do happen, having to wait for a manager is not always ideal. To fix this, you need documented training, policy and procedures. Having the right plans and tools in place for staff to deal with issues will ensure the success of your team.

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