If you’re not using digital waivers or if you feel like your waiver system is missing something, Gatemaster is here to fill you in on all the benefits. Not only do digital waivers protect your business they are also simpler for you and your customers. No more huge filing cabinets or having your customers sign every time they show up to your facility.

1. Protect your business

At this point you know why you need waivers for your business. Make it easier on yourself when issues arise. You will quickly be able to pull up a waiver in your system, no problem.

2. Waivers are signed before your guests arrive

When your guests purchase online or book a birthday party, all the waivers will be signed digitally or brought in. This keeps your lines moving and parties running smoothly.

3. Quickly determine when waivers are expired

Returning guest will have waivers on file. When they access their online account, they will be notified to update the form. Your employees will quickly know through your point-of-sale if your guests need to update their waiver when they arrive at your facility.  

4. Your employees can quickly verify signed waivers

Digital waivers make it super easy for your employees to pull up guest accounts and see the guest’s waivers. Your guest will be amazed how quickly your employees work, improving their experience at their facility.

5. Adult signature required

The online digital waiver system requires the age of the person the waiver is for. When the waiver is being signed for a minor an adult signature is required. If there is ever any concern about who signed the waiver, this can be verified once the guest arrives at your facility.

6. Tailor your waiver to your industry

No generic forms here. With online waiver systems, you can upload the document you feel is right for your facility.

7. Save the trees

You will save on paper with an online waiver system, which will save you money!!!

8.Cost effective with peace of mind

Online waiver systems can be as low as $49 a month. Find a system that does not charge you more for reaching certain thresholds. Some companies will charge per waiver or once your reach over 1000 waivers. Don’t be fooled. There are systems with unlimited options that are affordable. Peace of mind is worth it. 

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