With the onset of COVID-19, so many people were forced to cancel or postpone their summer vacations. Now that everyone is getting quite stir-crazy, many wonder what activities they can still do this summer to get out of the house and have fun with their families. Camping and RVing has become a popular option for summer fun. If you’re running a campground, you have probably seen an increase in reservations. So, how can you keep your campground operations smooth and make the most of this busy time? Gatemaster has the best tools for running a campground!

Campground Reservations 

Need help coordinating your campground reservations for the influx of guests? Gatemaster Online can help you automate bookings, let you control capacities, and allow guests to reserve their spot online ahead of time.

Campground Rentals

PartyMaster allows your guests to access to equipment and facilities without concierge-level services so they can reserve rentals such as paddleboards, kayaks, tubes, and more online with ease. It is a simple, no-contact option for handling reservations.

Campground Waivers

Gatemaster offers ParkWaiver, a custom waiver system so your guests can sign a waiver to inform them of any risks or rules involved with their rental. It can also protect your business in the event that a guest was injured or contracted COVID-19. 

Campground Food Service

If your campground facility serves food and beverage, you’ll love ParkTabs. This contactless payment solutions for your campground will keep your guests and staff safe while still allowing you to sell food and drinks. Bring the concept of “running a tab” to your campground!

Campground Gift Shop

Gatemaster Native is an excellent product that serves as a point-of-sale solution for campgrounds. This sales software can run on PC terminals without the need for a fast internet connection. 

Your Campground’s One-Stop-Shop

Gatemaster can provide a multitude of products to help your campground make the most of this season and every season in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our tools for running a campground or to schedule a demo!