In the beginning, most of us thought COVID-19 would be a thing of the past by 2021, but the reality is that it’s far from over. Many businesses have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions, especially family entertainment businesses like amusement parks, waterparks, haunted attractions, zoos, and other similar attractions. Many of those in the industry have been getting creative, finding ways to keep their patrons safe and keep cash flowing, but the path to profitability isn’t as straightforward for some. At Gatemaster, we are here to help your business navigate the challenges you continue to face and develop creative solutions to help you persevere. 

GateOps Consulting Services

Gatemaster has offered consulting services for years, but recently we are finding that the need has never been greater. In general, our GateOps Consulting services consist of a comprehensive assessment of your business that results in a recommended plan of action for improvement. With the ever-changing and complex nature of operating a business during a pandemic, our consulting services can be customized to fit your needs and solve the unique challenges your business is facing. 

Build New Revenue Streams

Let’s be honest, the way your business used to make money might not be bringing in cash these days. Thinking outside the box and coming up with new revenue streams can help sustain your business until things go back to some version of normal. Gatemaster consultants can help you branch out from the ways you made money pre-pandemic and find new routes to profitability.


Having a strategy for how you plan to address the challenges created by the pandemic will go a long way. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, having a solid strategy will allow you to follow through with your plans and help ease your mind and create some sense of stability. Gatemaster has over 20 years of industry experience, has worked with a variety of different businesses, and is prepared to share whatever knowledge we have to help create a strategy for operating a business during COVID-19. 

Navigate Continuous Changes

You might be thinking, “what happens if I make a plan and then everything changes again”? That is a valid question and one of the reasons why Gatemaster consulting services can be a valuable asset during these uncertain times. Our consultants can help you think on your feet and roll with the punches. We talk with a variety of different businesses daily and want to share the innovative ideas that transpire with others so we can all get through this together.

Products to Help Your Business in a Pandemic

Alongside consulting services, Gatemaster has various products that can help you operate your business while following COVID-19 restrictions. 

Contactless Payment and eCommerce

Having a contactless payment method is a must-have. Those who visit your facility are less likely to be discouraged from making purchases if they have a no-contact payment option. Gatemaster has contactless payment products that can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing Gatemaster products. There are also eCommerce solutions that are easy to incorporate into your current website so your customers can make online purchases through a seamless, user-friendly platform. 

Scheduling Platform

If your business is required to abide by certain capacity limits within your facility, having guests schedule a time to visit can be a lifesaver! Gatemaster offers scheduling platforms with customizable features to fit your needs. Allowing guests to schedule a time to visit and pay for their tickets all online will minimize contact once they arrive and keep your facility from being over capacity. Knowing how many guests will be arriving on a given day will also help you know how many staff members to schedule to avoid being over or under staffed.

Gift Cards

Does your facility offer gift card or gift certificates? This is an excellent way to allow patrons to support your business and give the gift of an experience to a loved one without being forced to use it right away. Many people want to support local businesses and plan for a fun outing. By having gift cards or gift certificates available, they can make a purchase now and visit later when they feel ready. Offering gift cards also allows your business to offer an incentive for purchasing one now, such as adding a food voucher or discount to an excursion. Gatemaster can help you set up gift packages, and unlike platforms like Groupon, we don’t take a portion of your sale. 

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