When it comes to your online reputation – word of mouth always comes through loud and clear. With each and every sentiment shared, online reviews have cemented themselves as the customary method for clients to rate their experiences for all to see. Furthermore, sites that publish crowd-sourced reviews such as Yelp and Google+ enable you as a business, to communicate in the form of a public response and potentially cultivate a relationship that’ll last long after they close their browser. Let’s take a look at why reviews should matter to you, and how they should be handled.

Make a Strong Impression

In the age of information, consumers crave every ounce of data they can find. According to Marketingland.com, an astonishing 90% of customers admitted that their decision to buy is influenced by online reviews. Your network of prospects expands to the deep stretches of the web, with potential new customers searching for businesses like yours every day, mulling over where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Yelp or Google+ is often the first place people will turn to get a gauge on the quality of a business—so keeping a close watch on your reviews, both the quality and quantity, is paramount to impressing your customer base of the future.

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Time is valuable, and when clients make the effort to leave a review they’re telling you that your business and services matter to them. They’re willing to establish a relationship with you – and as such plant the seeds for a potential long-lasting loyalty or grow their trust and evolve as a valued client. More than a courtesy, providing expedient and thorough responses not only show you take their thoughts and concerns seriously, but that they have a voice that’s being heard.

The Good, The Bad, and the Not-So-Great

While positive reviews provide a proper feather in your cap, less than likeable reviews dictate careful response to resolve your client’s complaints and manage issues before they get worse. Examine a negative review and identify where things went off-track and what can be done about it. Responding in a public forum by dealing with dilemmas in a professional manner provides a personal response the consumers appreciate, and creating a resolution that works for both parties can flip a negative into a positive for all to see.

Rocking Out with More Reviews

FetchRev, a preferred Digital Marketing option for family entertainment centers nationwide, effectively drives more reviews with their all-in-one platform. Providing real-time feedback after customers visit your business or redeem your offers, FetchRev also collects more reviews from past customers on Yelp and Google which creates an increase of referral traffic for your business.

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