Even though COVID-19 is still affecting many businesses, it doesn’t have to ruin the summer fun and keep guests away from your Adventure Park, Treetop Village, or Zipline Course. Outdoor attractions are some of the best ways to have fun while still social distancing and staying safe. Gatemaster has some excellent tools to help keep your guests and staff safe while following social distancing guidelines. 

Contactless Payment

ParkTabs is a contactless payment solution that brings the concept of “running a tab” to your outdoor adventure facility. Your guests can accumulate a balance and pay at the end of the day instead of making several individual payments. 

Easy Reservations

Gatemaster Online lets your guests book time slots online before they arrive. This allows you to control your facility’s capacity, collect payment online ahead of time, and know how many people will be in your facility on any given day so that you can be adequately staffed.

Custom Waivers

ParkWaiver is a vital part of any outdoor adventure. You want to inform your guests of the risks involved while also protecting your business from liability. You can customize waivers for specific activities and allow guests to sign online when they pre-book.

Point-of-Sale Solutions 

Gatemaster Mobile or Gatemaster Native are both the perfect point-of-sale solutions for your Zipline Course, Adventure Park, or Treetop Village. Gatemaster Mobile gives you the flexibility of using any mobile device to collect payment. Gatemaster Native is perfect if your facility doesn’t have adequate internet access since it runs on your own private network.

Train Your Employees With Ease

ParkTrainer allows you to gamify your theme park training process while keeping employees updated with the most current processes and procedures. Hosting a training session with all staff members is not realistic at this time while maintaining social distancing. ParkTrainer allows staff to train online and will enable you to track their progress every step of the way. 

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