If your facility hosts birthday parties or group events without an integrated solution for your E-Commerce and point-of-sale, you may be doing more work and costing yourself money. Have you ever double booked a party? Do you find yourself having to transfer data about an event from one system to another? Are your guests asking for the ability to book parties online? Gatemaster has the solution, Partymaster. With Partymaster you’ll get:
  • Integrated online booking
  • Check in parties of any size, quickly.
  • Reserve party rooms, cabana rentals, and meeting places
  • Create automated event itineraries and statements for your staff and guest
  • Save on opportunity costs with time sensitive task list for event preparations, tracking details, and follow-up
  • Take deposits when booking online
  • Tracks multiple events
  • Partymaster fully integrates with Gatemaster Entertainment Enterprise Software and Gatemaster Mobile
  • Increase revenue by driving business online 24/7.
  • Create an amazing guest experience with no double bookings.
  • Capture customer information
  • Market to your customers yearly around birthdays or other event dates.

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