2020 has been a year of unexpected twists and turns. With the COVID-19 outbreak, your business likely had to make some drastic changes! Many companies were forced to temporarily close their doors during the initial phases of the pandemic response. Now that things are getting closer to the new normal and you’re ready to be open again, how do you let your customers know your business is re-opening during COVID-19? 

Keep Customers Informed

Keeping your community informed about the happenings of your business is important, especially now with the ever-changing pandemic guidelines. Using digital communication is an excellent way to let customers know when you plan to open, if there are any changes to your hours, if they need to schedule an appointment, and any other new rules you might have in place to keep everyone safe. People will feel more comfortable visiting your facility if they know what to expect. Some channels you can use include:

  • Email newsletters
  • Blog articles
  • Updates to website pages
  • Update your Google or Yelp listing if you have new hours
  • Social media posts that can be shared around

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is a tool that is helpful at any time, but especially now! Many people feel unsure about where they can still go out and be social. By using digital advertising, you can reach new customers looking for something to do and let them know that you’re ready to welcome them into your facility. There are several digital advertising outlets you can choose to use, including:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Search Advertising
  • Google Display Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising

Offer Incentives

Make it worth their while to choose to spend their time and money at your facility! Consider offering incentives such as giving customers food and drink vouchers when they purchase a ticket. It will encourage them to make a purchase, even if the voucher doesn’t cover the total cost of their order. They will feel more inclined to make a purchase and spend the additional money if they’re going to get a few bucks off. If you’re concerned about getting food to your guests safely, consider adding a contactless payment and contactless food ordering system! Using digital menus and ordering cuts down on person-to-person contact, which may also encourage customers to place food and drink orders. 

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Once you get customers back through the door, you want to keep them coming back. Many people are still a bit cautious about going out and potentially being exposed to the virus, but you can make sure they know what actions you are taking to protect their health. 

Follow Public Health Guidelines

Staying up-to-date with the latest CDC, state, and local guidelines can sometimes feel like a daily task, but showing your customers that you are staying informed will help them feel safe. Many basic guidelines include things like:

  • Requiring face masks for employees and customers
  • Maintaining social distancing guidelines of staying 6 ft. apart
  • Limiting the number of people in your facility at one time
  • Minimizing person-to-person contact 
  • Encouraging hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer
  • Asking employees and customers to stay home if they’re sick

Make Their Experience Easy to Enjoy Safely

Gatemaster offers many products and services that can help your customers enjoy their experience and feel safe. Their experience often starts with a ticket purchase. Gatemaster has eCommerce solutions like Plug N’ Play and Gatemaster Online that gives your customers a way to purchase tickets online or schedule a time-slot to visit. Many businesses are choosing to implement contactless payment options as well. Our product, ParkTabs, gives your customers to ability to make contactless payments on-site for food items, merchandise, and more. We have also developed a contactless food ordering system that begins with the customer order, sends the order to the kitchen, and then alerts the customer when their food is ready, all without any human interaction! Our MyMiniGolfScorecard PRO app is also an excellent way for your customers to purchase more rounds of mini-golf, keep score digitally, and check-in via social media. 

Ready to Learn More?

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