Next Wave Insurance Services has offered The Registration Saver policy “RegSaver” to our customers since 2018. At Gatemaster, we understand having a refund solution for your ticket holders and season pass members is essential. RegSaver can be this solution.

What is RegSaver?

The RegSaver policy was the co-creation of AIG and Next Wave Insurance Services, LLC “Next Wave.” Along with developing the RegSaver Program, Next Wave acts as the licensed insurance broker in all states. Designed to provide a solution to the typical “no refund policy” most events have on ticket purchases and registration fees, RegSaver meets a need for both consumers and event producers. It can provide confidence to a customer who is purchasing a non-refundable ticket or registering for an event that is months in advance.

In the event the ticket holder becomes sick, injured, or another covered peril occurs, they can file a claim to seek reimbursement for the cost of their ticket. There are two versions of the policy.

Single Event Policy:


Premium is 6% of the ticket cost. Subject to exclusions and limitations, RegSaver covers the following unforeseen perils:

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Job Layoff
  • Inclement Weather
  • Traffic Accident
  • Uninhabitable Residence
  • Airline/Train/Bus Cancellation
  • Active Military Service 

Multi-Event Policy:


Premium is 7% of your season pass fees. Subject to exclusions and limitations, RegSaver covers the following unforeseen perils:

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Involuntary Job Transfer
  • Uninhabitable Residence
  • Active Military Service

Why Activate RegSaver on Your e-Commerce?

We feel this is a value-add to your consumer and that is why RegSaver can be offered at point of checkout if you activate this free feature as part of your Gatemaster package.

Here are some reasons why RegSaver is a benefit to your consumers:

  • Addresses the “ no refund policy ” you might have
  • If you have a refund policy in place, this can replace it
  • Completely “hands off” for you- AIG handles all claims and customer service questions
  • Affordable- just 6-7% of the ticket price depending on policy chosen
  • Policy can be easily and quickly purchased during your checkout process 

Sign Up For Our Free RegSaver Webinar

Many of our Gatemaster customers have already activated the RegSaver policy and understand the value this product provides to their ticket buyers. Gatemaster has always felt strongly about providing our customers with the best tools to keep their businesses running smoothly and profitably. This is why we are hosting a free webinar with Hannah Ward from Next Wave Insurance Services. She will introduce you to the features and benefits of using RegSaver. Join us on September 15th at 11am MST for more information about how RegSaver works with a full demo and Q&A. Click the link here to sign up today!