Summer is here, Theme parks (and waterparks!) everywhere are in full swing for the season.  Staying in touch with your pass holders is an essential part of your park’s success.

You have already established a relationship by offering membership and season passes to your loyal customer base.  To help you stay in contact throughout the season we’ve put together a few suggestions to help maintain your relationship with guests and encourage repeat visits throughout the season.

  1. Newsletters: Membership and Season pass holders provide contact information upon sign up. They expect to receive relevant park information in their inbox on a regular basis. Let them know what’s new at the park and remind them of the many exclusive benefits pass holders can take advantage of on their next visit.
  1. Social Media: Many companies are adopting social media as a means to enhance customer service. It is also a great way to stay in touch on a day-to-day basis to remind them of all the great things you have happening in your park today. Whether you are tweeting about today’s operating hours or doing a Facebook live video about new attractions or special evets. If they have liked your page, the updates are available in real time and remind them of the fun they can have if they visit the park today!
  1. Blogging: Creating relevant articles that help park guests plan their trip lets them know you care about their visits. Everyone loves a park’s secrets. As one example, there are hidden surprises and trivia that Disneyland has released for travel bloggers (30 Disneyland Secrets You Don’t Know). Blogging allows you to be more detailed about the information you’re providing to your guest and helps create buzz and excitement.

Stayin in Touch with park guests

Remember many park guest and families are creating memorable experiences time and time again. By staying in touch with pass holders and guests alike you give them a reminder of all the fun they can have on their next visit!

 Please share in the comments the ways in which your organization stays in touch with pass holders.


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