It’s our duty as the venue of choice to make those special moments simple, easy, and memories that will last a lifetime. I don’t know of any parent who doesn’t want to be present at their child’s birthday party. Having a well-structured party gives parents peace of mind and an exceptional guest experience.

Have an Organized Schedule

  • Having an organized schedule will allow you to maximize your space. Knowing every moment your space is utilized will ensure the most use of each calendar date / times available. Therefore, minimizing the gaps in the schedule that may cause a loss in revenue or fear of overbooking.  Coordinate any activities that require a set time that parents need to be aware of. Send parents the itinerary invoice that communicates schedules and timeframes beforehand to alleviate any questions or concerns.

Food Sharables, and Meal Vouchers

  • Offer items that can easily be shared with the group such as pizza, chicken wings, quesadillas, and chips. Have healthy options available too like salads or vegetable platters. Do you offer a discount for groups that purchase more? Having additional benefits encourages the guest to opt for more. Don’t know what everyone wants to eat? Offer food vouchers that can be redeemed at the point of sale for their choice of a specific entrée, side, and drink.

Upsell Other Offerings

  • Do you offer different addons to individualize the guest experience? Offer packages that have themes or give options of colors choice. Do you provide balloons as part of the package or can these items be added on for an additional upsell? Is there an opportunity to offer add on experiences such as animal encounters, zip-lines, attractions?

Sell Online

  • Make it easy for a parent to book at night while they have a moment to relax. Online party booking should be easy. Allowing your business, the opportunity to make revenue while your closed. Follow-up with parents the next business day to upsell them on options they may have missed. Makes sure parents have everything they need to make that day special for their birthday child.  Make sure your staff is prepared by requiring bookings in advance.

Birthday Benefits

  • Give bounceback tickets to guests offering attractions or package pricing at a discounted value for a return visit. Give the birthday child a free return ticket or values add either good for the day of their party or a later date of return.


Photo by: Adi Goldstein on Unsplash