In the average working day, there is a potential for problems to arise. Having the right plans and tools in place for staff to deal with issues will ensure the success of your team. Helping your staff to communicate and resolve issues in a timely manner will boost their confidence and performance.

Simple issues can turn complex and become hard to correct due to interpretation, some issues seem inexplicable. With an event log book in place, complex issues can quickly be resolved. 

Having an event log book will help:

  • Solve communication breakdowns
  • Log employee and shift information
  • Enforce company standards

Log books can contain maintenance schedules, complaints, employee discipline and whatever else that can happen during a shift. All to be logged in one spot, organized and sort-able by day, time, and category, so it’s easily searched later.

What to put in your log book:

  • Regular to-dos and follow-ups for employees and managers. 
  • Notification processes for employees who should be contacted and how they should be contacted when issues arise.
  • Polices and Procedures
  • Develop and have a disaster recovery plan in place

With an event log book, you can respond to an issue before they become a problem and ensure employees are prepared for any issue that may arise.

Example of an event log book:

Gatemaster Event Log example.jpg

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