This April, join us at the GT Summit to learn about the latest trends in guest-driven transactions, mobile ordering, and marketing self-service to your guests. At the Summit, we will provide expert advice and tips for creating efficient processes that will help you maximize customer satisfaction this season. You’ll also learn how to use mobile ordering and other self-service technologies to make it easier for guests to place orders and access information about your products or services.

Together, we will explore how best practices can help you increase sales and create a more enjoyable experience for your guests. With our discussions, workshops, demos, and networking events, you’ll gain valuable insights into what makes an effective Guest Driven Transaction strategy successful. Register today, and don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level!

circle icon with a phone successfully ordering a package onlineWhat is a Guest Driven Transaction?

A Guest Driven Transaction is a customer service focused on providing guests with an easy and convenient experience. This can be done through various means, such as mobile ordering, self-service AI, or online reservations. By making it easier for guests to access information and place orders, you can increase sales and enhance the guest experience.

circle icon with a shopping cart on the inside with stars all around itWhy are Guest Driven Transactions Important?

In today’s competitive market, providing an excellent experience for your guests is more important than ever. You’ll increase sales and create repeat customers by making it easy for them to order products or services from your business. In addition, by using self-service technologies such as mobile ordering or online reservations, you can free up staff to provide a more personal level of service.

circle icon with a phone on the inside looking up information about a productHow Can I Implement a Guest Driven Transaction Strategy?

You can implement a Guest Driven Transaction strategy at your business in several ways. One way is to use mobile ordering technology so guests can place orders from their devices. Another option is self-service AI, so guests can access information about your products or services without waiting in line or on hold. Additionally, you can offer online reservations so guests can easily book events or order tickets.

Join us at the GT Summit this April 19-20th and learn how to increase sales and enhance the guest experience with guest-driven transactions! With expert advice and tips from our team of specialists, you can take your business to the next level.

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