Knowing your guest’s expectations can sometimes feel like guessing. Gatemaster is here to help and remove the guesswork. Here are expectations that your guests have, why they leave bad reviews, and what keeps them coming back.   Easy Access to Your Location  If a guest can’t find your location or if there are not enough parking spots this could lead to bad online reviews. If your facility is new or if you have moved your facility, be sure to update you address with bing and google. What guests want:Gatemaster Parking.png
  • Plenty of parking
  • Short drive
  • Easy to find
Cleanliness  If your facility is not clean your guests will not return and leave bad online reviews. When reading excellent online reviews, cleanliness is always mentioned. Functional Equipment  If you become known for having broken equipment, eventually you will see your clientele drop off. You need to plan in your yearly budget for new equipment and maintenance on existing equipment. Planning for unforeseeable equipment issues will help you resolve the issue quicker and increasing guest’s satisfaction. Friendly Employees  Guests expect nice, happy, smiling faces when they walk into your facility. Here are the best ways to ensure your employees are happy and meet your guest’s expectations:
  • Training- Your employees should know how to do their job thoroughly. 
  • Performance agreement – If you have well documented policies and procedures, your employees will know exactly what is expected of them. 
  • Allow your employees to have fun! 
  • Empower you employees to make the right decision without your interference.  
Safety  Any facility that accommodates children will have various types of safety checks throughout the day. Have visible checklist of when these safety checks are being completed. Show your guests you care about the safety of their children. Gatemaster Child doing yoga.jpg Online Booking and Reservation   No one likes standing in lines or waiting on hold. Give your guests an easy option. Allow for paying in advance and making reservations online. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a party of 1 or 100. You and your guests will see the benefit of purchasing online. You could even offer a discount for online purchases. Memberships/Loyalty Rewards  Guest expect you to make it easy for them to return to your facility. When a guest has a great experience give them the option to spend more money with you. Do you have a loyalty rewards program? Can your facility offer memberships? These are great ways to keep your happy guests coming back! Learn More: 6 Best Practices About Ticketing You Need to Know How to Promote, Engage and Educate Your Guest Using Facebook Party and Event Booking Made Easy
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