Owning and running a business can be stressful. Gatemaster is here to ease your worries by helping business owners and managers understand common traits that cause some fun centers to fail.


A Clean, Well Maintained Facility

It’s an unfortunate truth that fun centers often fail due to a lack of cleanliness or otherwise failing to prioritize the upkeep of the facility. Hardware issues are not only frustrating to your staff but also your customers. You should expect to replace hardware, of any type, every two to three years. Just look up Yelp and Facebook reviews for fun centers and waterparks in your area and you’ll quickly see how common of an issue this is. Successful facilities will take the time to shut down, deep clean and update their facility.

Make it Fresh

There is something to be said for creating an image for your business and maintaining it. If it’s not working, it’s time for an update. You can start with updating your logo, webpage, carpet, attractions, promotions, and even your parking lot pavement. If business is starting to lag, get guests interested in coming back up simply showing them something new.

Get a New Computer Already!

Hardware is expensive and is a cost you will need to plan for in your yearly budget. Old hardware can lead to your systems crashing, lagging, and to networking failures. Hardware issues are not only frustrating to your staff but also to your customers. You should expect to replace hardware every two to three years or so.

Give’em a Deal and Make It Easy

No one likes jumping through hoops even for a deal. Make it easy for your

guests to book a party online or purchase tickets. Offer a deal for buying online to bring more customers in and lessen the line at your front counter. Need even more online exposure? Create a Facebook ad and promotion. During the slow season, offer a deal on Groupon. Incentivize your guest to return again and again by offering a loyalty reward program or bounce back pass.

Do What You Love

If you don’t love what you do it’s easy to become careless. Hire staff that is happy to be in the type of environment that is loud and overwhelming. As an owner or manager, you must truly care about the guest experience and continually improving upon it.

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