Not all point-of-sale systems are created equal. There are many features of a point-of-sale that can be left out of the system or could cost you more. Here are some of the things you should be looking for in a point-of-sale solution.

Integrated Point-of-Sale and E-Commerce

You may be surprised to find that there are point-of-sale and E-Commerce solutions that are not integrated. Integration is essential for saving you time and money! When a guest books online, signs a waiver, or reserves a cabana/room you don’t want to have to enter that information from one system to another. The system you go with should value your time as a manager or business owner to help reduce your work load.

Per Ticket Fees

Companies that offer per ticket fees over an upfront cost seem like a promising idea at first. The truth is companies that charge per ticket fees will cost you more. As your business grows and your ticket sales increase, the more money you are having to spend instead of investing in your business. Choose a company that doesn’t take a cut of your business.

Cashless System

Cashless systems give your guests flexibility and control. Your guests can plan how much they wish to spend at your facility and control how the money is spent with parental controls from their guest account. Guest are more likely to spend the money they have loaded on their account than ask for a refund. Cashless systems are a great tool for increasing your revenue.

Reduce Customer and Employee Theft

Your point-of-sale can reduce customer and employee theft at your facility. Employee theft can often go unseen for years until a new point-of-sale with reporting abilities is implemented. Access control prevents ticket fraud. As guests enter your facility, their ticket is verified and invalidated making it impossible for the same ticket being used multiple times.

Read about how Gatemaster has reduced theft at Fairmont Glen Miniature Golf.

Value Added Business Partnerships

It can take dozens of pieces of software to run larger amusement facilities. How companies maintain their relationships with their partners reflects how they will do business with you. Choose a point-of-sale company that works and maintains relationships with other companies that can benefit your facility.

Click here to download a handy checklist to evaluate your point-of-sale system.

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