When we talk with haunted attractions using the Gatemaster POS, they all report similar traits that make them love the system. When Land of Illusion owner, Amber Oakley was asked what her favorite Gatemaster feature is, she said “The ability to do it all myself.” Amber and other haunt owners are able to not only do it all themselves, but also have a full view of their business all the time and manage everything in a user-friendly streamlined system.


Dynamic Pricing

Everyone loves the dynamic pricing capabilities. You can base your flex pricing on time-based tickets and supply and demand, adjusting prices for peak business. By using these parameters you’re able to set prices higher for the busiest nights, increasing revenue and limiting a rush of curious newcomers during packed nights. Intrigued guests will be more likely to purchase tickets for slower times to avoid overbooking while still increasing overall sales.


The potential for e-commerce has opened up new possibilities of revenue for many. Most attractions have some kind of merchandise sales on site, but the scalability of creating an online store for tees and other souvenirs opens up a new channel for sales. You can even offer a payment plan option so customers can pay over time for online season pass purchases, increasing your bottom line and your customer’s satisfaction. To further boost customer satisfaction some attractions use ParkTab, Gatemaster’s parkwide tabbing system, to make it safe and easy for customers to make purchases throughout attractions and easy for you to keep track of inventory for food and beverages within the POS.

Online Ticketing

Of course online ticket sales are a huge bonus with the ability to promote attractions and events and drive customers directly to an easy online purchase. This makes pre-sales and managing time-ticketing a breeze. Attractions also appreciate the cost-effective system which has no per-ticket charges and no need for separate programs for gate and online sales. The SaaS model is a full-service program for managing ticket sales along with retail and concessions.

Reporting and Analytics

Haunt owners consider the benefits of the reporting and analytics to be a feature that makes their lives so much simpler beyond sales and inventory. They can easily track attendance details and what else guests are spending money on aside from tickets. Haunts who switched from other credit card payment systems or tills are particularly pleased with the advantages of real-time reporting and the ability to tap into analytics like demographics to use for target marketing.

Not only do our haunted attractions appreciate everything they can do during the haunting season, the usability of Gatemaster allows them to expand their businesses and revenue beyond the typical scary season. The popularity of escape rooms has inspired haunted attractions to extend their season with spooky escapes or many other non-haunted amusements, and there’s no need to start from scratch because they already have the tools in place for making their attraction a year-round business.

Millennials love haunted attractions. Now it’s time to get them to yours.

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