It shouldn’t be a surprise that happy employees are more productive and produce better results than employees who are not happy and suffering from poor morale. Happy employees are more creative and make for better leaders than their unhappy peers. If you want employees you can truly rely on to improve your business, follow these tips to ensure success.

Don’t use fear tactics

Having employees who are constantly worried about getting fired ensures work gets done but kills morale, performance, and loyalty. Eventually your employees are going to throw their hands up in the air and walk out. If you are consistently looking to improve your employee’s happiness, you will have loyal employees who work hard because they like you and see the overall benefit of working for you.

Money is not always the best motivator

Money is great. No one is going to complain if they are rewarded with a bonus or a raise. But, money is not always the best motivator. The only thing raises and bonuses ensure is that your employees perform to an average level. If you want your employees to go above and beyond for you, you must create an environment that is kind, fun, and well-functioning. As the saying goes, “We work hard, we play hard.”

Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Caring about an employee’s health ensures loyalty and happiness from your employees. If your employees are not feeling well this will show in their work. Provide the proper equipment and training to make sure your employees won’t get hurt. If you have employees who stand for long periods of time, have an anti-fatigue standing mat. Do you have employees who sit at desks looking at computer screens for several hours of the day? Make sure your employees are properly educated on posture and desk ergonomics. This doesn’t mean telling your heavy-set employees to jog to work or that they need to eat more vegetables. Simply do what you can to make your facility a productive and safe environment while being an example.

Listen and implement your employee’s ideas

Often at small businesses, boss knows best. You have been running your business with no problems for some time, or maybe you just like the way you do things. When a boss doesn’t listen to their employee’s suggestions it discourages them. People get stuck in a rut and figure why bother trying. Give your employees a voice. Your employees are the experts at their jobs. Take suggestions on improving your business from them. Brain storming in an employee meeting is a great way to get everyone talking and keeps the environment positive and productive.

Employee recognition

Employee recognition can be simple but means so much to your employees. Having an employee of the month is a great way to highlight an employee and share what makes them important. You can also celebrate your employees on their work anniversaries. Write thank you notes for a job well done or how an employee handled a tough situation can make your employee’s day brighter.

Friendly competition is good

If your business is involved with sales or upselling customers, a little healthy competition can be fun and a great way to encourage more from your employees. You can also offer competition for customer compliments, if you give your customers the ability to leave feedback. Offer the winner a free lunch or a gift card. Just remember to make it fun.

Be Supportive

Being a supportive boss does not mean you need to get involved in your employee’s personal lives. What it means is to let your employees know you care. If you have an employee showing up to work crying or visibly stressed, offer them a minute to take a deep breath. Provide a space for privacy. They may just need a few minutes to pull it together. Simply being a person your employees can vent to when issues arise in their personal lives will help relieve their stress and clear their head before going back to work. No advice needed, just provide an ear for listening. The greatest bosses know how to balance being supportive and caring without getting involved.

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